Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Friendship is as precious as gold"

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Friendship is as precious as gold.
Why entrust it to one who will betray it?
Spend time near the One with whom your trusts
are safe from loss or violation.
Be close with the One who created human nature,
the One who nurtured the character of the prophets--
who if given a lamb, will give you back a whole flock of sheep.
Truly, the Sustainer cares for and increases every good quality.

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Sohbatet chon hast zar-e dah dahi
pish-e khâyen chon amânat mi nehi
Khuy bâ U kon k-amânat-hâ-ye to
ayman âyad az oful o az `atu
Khuy bâ U kon keh khu-râ âfarid
khuy-hâ-ye anbiyâ-râ parvarid
Bareh-'i be-dehi rameh bâzet dehad
parvarandeh-ye har sefat khvod Rabb bovad

-- Mathnawi VI:1418-1421
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"
Threshold Books, 1996
(Persian transliteration courtesy of Yahyá Monastra)

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