Friday, September 01, 2006

Pass beyond your nature

Pollute not your lips by kissing every mouth and
eating every food! Then the Beloved's lips will make them drunk and
feed them sugar.
Your lips will be freed from the odor of the lips
of "others" and your love will be made transcendent, pure and one.
The lips that kiss the ass's arse - how should the
Messiah bless them with his sugar kiss?
Know that everything other than the eternal light has
newly come into existence - why do you sit upon a heap of new
dung and ask for contemplation?
When the manure has been annihilated in the heart of
the vegetable patch, then it will be freed from its dungness and add
savor to food.
As long as you are excrement, how will you know the
joy of sanctification? Pass beyond your dung-nature and go to the
Blessed and Transcendent!
When Moses washed his hands and lips of Pharoah's
bounty, the Ocean of Generosity gave him the White Hand.*
If you want to escape the stomach and lips of all the
unripe, be full of pearls but bitter on the surface like the ocean.
Take heed! Turn your eyes away from others, for that
Eye is jealous. Take heed! Keep your stomach empty, for He has set
for you a table.
If a dog has eaten its fill, it will not catch any
game, for the running and racing of aspiration derives from hunger's
Where are a pure heart and pure lips to receive a pure
cup? Where is an agile Sufi to run after the halva?
Display the Realities in these words of mine, oh He
who passes us the wine and cup!

-- Ghazal (Ode) 96
Translation by William C. Chittick
"The Sufi Path of Love"
SUNY Press, Albany, 1983

* (Koran VII 108)

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