Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"We created the Human Being in the best proportion"

Read in Surat al-Tin the words,
We created the Human Being in the best proportion,*
for the spirit is a precious pearl.
That spirit created in the best proportion
is beyond the range of thought.
If I declare the value of this inaccessible pearl,
both I and the hearer will be consumed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ahsan al-taqwîm* dar Wa-al-tîn be-khvân
keh gerâmi gawharast ay dust jân
Ahsan al-taqwîm az `Arsh-e U fozun
ahsan al-taqwîm az fekret berun
Gar be-guyam qimat-e in momtane`
man be-suzam ham be-suzad mostame`

*al-Tin, 4

-- Mathnawi VI: 1005-1007
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
"Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance"
Threshold Books, 1996
(Persian transliteration courtesy of Yahyá Monastra)

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